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Understand the Gunblood Cheats and Codes to Play the Game Well

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Gunblood cheats and codes must be the things you should learn and understand so you can play the game well. Just like many other games in the any console and media, Gunblood game also have some codes and cheats. They are always shown up during the game to tell the players about something to do so the gameplaying can run well and the players win the game. In this Gunblood game, the cheats and codes are categorized into two, they are Power Ups and Levels cheats. You should know them all so you can make the Gunblood cheats unblocked and continue playing the game.

The Power Ups Cheats or Codes in Gunblood

There are four Gunblood game cheats or codes that are showing up during the gameplays and categorized to the Power Ups your character in the game. The cheats are;


This cheat is the one to use if you want to make your character can’t be shot by the opponent. By using this cheat, the character will be unbeatable and even though the opponent shoot your character, it will not die or lose the game.


This is a cheat that should be used to make bigger your character’s power in the gameplay. Just like the name of the cheat, using this cheat will give your character more ammos in unlimited amounts. So you have more powers to attack the opponents as much as possible. However, using this gun blood cheat codes unblocked also gives negative effect to your gameplay; your character in the game will has to shoot his assistant in levels of bonus. It means that you should consider about the pros and cons before using this cheat codes


It is gunblood laser cheat that when you unblock it, you will get additional feature in your gun; it is laser that will be attached into your gun. By using the gun laser, you can shoot better and easier because the laser will point the opponent so the target to shoot is more accurate.


By using this cheat, your character in the game can have more power to shoot faster than the normal shooting, because one click will make the gun shoot more hits to the opponent. So you can shoot more opponents and more quickly by using this gunblood quick draw cheat codesduring the game.

The Level Ups Cheat Codes in Gunblood Game

Besides the cheat codes to power up the character in the game, you also should know about the levels up codes that will always show up during the game, especially when you have completed every level and will start the new level. These gunblood more cheats to level up the game are easier to understand. You can choose any level cheat to start from any level you want. The list is as followed;














Every cheat above shows in what level you character is, so you will know how challenging the game in this level. That is all the gunblood all cheats, memorize them all so you can play well by using the cheats anytime.